Joint International Conference

Sixth International Conference for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (ICFAS 6)

Asian Fisheries Social Science Research Network Forum One (AFSSRN F1)

24 - 26 November 2021, via ZOOM

The Science and Art of Fisheries and Aquaculture: Life Above and Below Waters

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The UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES VISAYAS (UPV) is a constituent unit of the University of the Philippines, the national university of the Philippines, established and existing by virtue of Executive Order No. 628 s. 1980 and Republic Act. No. 9500, with principal office at Miagao, Iloilo. UPV has the national mandate as the center of fisheries and aquatic sciences education in the country and is guided by the following goals to achieve: 1) To provide quality education to its students; 2) To advance knowledge through research; and 3) To provide opportunities for its faculty and staff to work for the improvement of the larger community.

UPV COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES is one of five degree-granting units of UP Visayas. The college offers a general education program that is the foundation of all academic programs in the University. It also offers interdisciplinary degree programs, with single and/or double major options supportive of, or complementary to, those offered by the other colleges. It has five academic divisions: the Biological Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, and Professional Education. Additionally, it has the Departments of Chemistry and of Physical Education, and a laboratory high school designed to train socio-economically disadvantaged but academically qualified youth, to provide them access to quality tertiary education. The college has three research and public service support offices: Language Program, Center for West Visayan Studies, and the Community Outreach Program.

THE ASIAN FISHERIES SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH NETWORK (AFSSRN), a section of the Asian Fisheries Society, was established in 1996. Prior to this, it was a research network launched as a project of ICLARM (now WorldFish) in 1983 to address the need to enhance social science research capabilities of relevance to capture fisheries, coastal resource management and aquaculture in Asia. ICLARM actively coordinated the Network from 1983-1996. In its 2019 By-Laws, the specific objectives of AFSSRN are 1) to promote effective interaction and cooperation among persons involved in fisheries and aquaculture social sciences research; 2) to encourage and promote investigation and advances in knowledge of fisheries and aquaculture social sciences; 3) to focus attention on fisheries and aquaculture social sciences problems by disseminating technical and other information on all aspects of fisheries and aquaculture social sciences and management; and 4) to promote the proper use of fisheries and aquaculture social sciences research practices and results in the Asia-Pacific region.

Key Dates

  • August 1
  • • Call for abstracts (Scientific and Arts sessions; student oral and poster competitions )
  • • Call for entries in the competitions (Digital Art, Fishing for Solution)
  • • Call for partners and sponsors
  • August 15
  • Registration opens
  • August 30
    Extended to
  • September 15
  • Deadline for abstract submission (Scientific and Arts sessions; student oral speed and poster competitions;Fishing for Solution competition)
  • September 15
    Extended to
  • September 30
  • Results of abstract submission (Scientific and Arts sessions; student oral speed and poster competitions; Fishing for Solution competition)
  • October 15
  • Deadline for competition submission for digital art competition.
  • October 30 *
  • Registration ends  for presenters  and those entering the competitions
  • November  20*
  • Registration ends  for non-presenters
  • November 24-26
  • Conference proper

*23:59, The Philippines Time (GMT+8)


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